Asses on fire 2018

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Asses on fire 2018

Post by Juzuv Jebot » Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:53 pm

Assfrig tournament, 1v1 format

February 16th, 16:00 GMT

SISI FD-MLJ (use /moveme)

Elimination tournamnet in duel format, limited to assault frigate hulls.
  • all participants will have to be present in system at the start of event and set deathclone in station
  • initial brackets will be drawn in advance, winners of each duel will advance in bracket
  • both duelists will warp to fight arena demarked by large bubble at start from their starting mobile depot
  • after referee gives signal fight might begin, no movement or modulate activations are allowed before
  • fight ends with death of one participant or boundary violation past 30km from the bubble centre
  • only T1, meta and T2 modules are allowed with exception of ammunition, ships will be scanned
  • no implants are allowed, participants will be podded after each round by referee to confirm
  • all boosters seeded on sisi are allowed
  • participants have to follow instructions of referee
  • tournament will be streamed
All will be awarded on TQ.
1st place: 1500 nuPLEX
2nd place: 1000 nuPLEX
3rd place: 500 nuPLEX
4th and 5th place: barghest
6th to 10th place: one whole orthrus
Everyone else: consolation garmur

Mail Juzuv Jebot on TQ with subject "Set my ass on fire" and state the name of character you will be entering with before February 14th.